Wood: “NFL dropping ball on Watson investigation”

  • By Chris Wood

The Watson Investigation

Will Deshaun Watson play at all in 2022?

It is really a tough call on Watson, due to recent reports on a possible suspension for his off-the-field issues.

It’s the latest in a year full of twists for the Pro Bowl quarterback.

Following an offseason trade request a year earlier, Watson did not play at all in 2021 because his former team decided to not play him.

I think the NFL missed the boat on suspending Watson, when they had the chance. 

The Texans did make a mistake on holding on to Watson, instead of honoring his trade request.

Meanwhile, the Texans wasted their season and Watson’s time in 2021. 

So this off-season the Texans finally traded Watson to the Cleveland Browns. This occurs in spite of the 24 civil lawsuits that Watson was facing. 

A retired federal judge, NFL disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson, has not yet ruled whether Watson violated the league’s personal conduct policy related to a string of allegations against him.

He has been accused in civil lawsuits by 25 women of inappropriate sexual misconduct during massage sessions. 

Twenty of those cases have been settled between Watson and related plaintiffs 

Four lawsuits remain active as of Tuesday and are on track to go to trial in 2023.

 So, the confusing part becomes the following for Watson:  Does the NFL have valid reason to suspend him at all? 

There have been reports on anywhere being suspended 4 to 8 games, the whole season, etc. 

There is no way Watson should escape any suspension, especially if he violated the player conduct policy. 

However, the NFL has been delaying this decision for quite a while here. 

I believe this is a bad play, only because they are opening themselves up for a possible appeal from Watson. 

The latest report has Watson possibly suing the NFL over a long suspension, if that is the case. 

This story has had more layers than an average chip. There will be more to come soon.