Will the Browns trade Baker Mayfield?

Baker Mayfield wants out of Cleveland, but will the Browns grant his request?

Baker Mayfield requested for the Cleveland Browns to trade him.

This news broke after the Browns talked to Deshaun Watson. Unfortunately for the Browns, they are out of the running for Watson. Not only that, but now it looks like they have severely damaged their relationship with Mayfield.

Ok, so what teams could they trade Baker to?

  1. Indianapolis Colts
    • Currently the Colts are without a starting QB after trading Carson Wentz to Washington.
    • The Colts are also listed as one of the favorites to land Jimmy Garoppolo.
    • If the Falcons sign Watson, would they trade Matt Ryan to the Colts?
    • Jameis Winston is also an interesting option for the Colts.
  2. New Orleans Saints
    • If the Saints land Watson, then a trade here won’t happen.
    • The Saints could also sign Winston again, and see what he can do while healthy.
  3. Atlanta Falcons
    • If the Falcons land Watson, then a trade won’t happen.
    • The Falcons could send Matt Ryan to the Browns, as Ryan has permission to seek out a trade.
    • Winston could also be in play for Atlanta, which would allow them to move Ryan to a team like the Colts.
  4. Houston Texans
    • The only apparent link would be that Mayfield is from the state of Texas.
    • The Texans could also stick with Davis Mills, who played well on a bad team in his rookie season.
  5. Seattle Seahawks
    • I am just throwing this one out there, because you never know.
    • The Browns could trade Baker and picks for DK Metcalf?

Let’s say the Browns move Baker Mayfield, but not for a QB. Would the Browns then turn to trading for Jimmy G? Or would they look at signing Winston or Mariota?

Or do the Browns keep Baker for one more season, and then draft a QB in either the 2022 or 2023 Draft? They could draft a QB like Malik Willis or Kenny Pickett this year, and let them sit behind Mayfield and Case Keenum for a year. The 2023 Draft is expected to be a great QB class, so the Browns could just wait and draft a 1st round QB in 2023.

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