Why is Pro Bowl Tackle Duane Brown still on the market?

Duane Brown has been one of the NFL’s most dominant offensive tackles in his 14 year career.

And at 36 years old, he’s also remained one of the league’s most durable — missing just four games since 2018.

It raises the question:   If Brown is still getting the job done on Sundays at a premium position, why is he still available.

Well, of course money could be the hurdle.

Veteran offensive tackles are paid well — even the 32nd ranked player at the position will earn almost $3.5 million in 2022.

But despite earning a quality 71 PFF grade in 2021, Brown’s play still may be the biggest reason the veteran tackle is waiting for his phone to ring.

Brown was credited for giving up 8 sacks in 2021 – his highest count in well over a decade.

He also had 5 penalties, including 4 false starts.

Brown has logged more than 8,700 snaps during his career.

That’s a lot of miles, even for a player of his caliber.

Still, it’ll be surprising if Brown doesn’t find a starting job by the time training camp begins in late July.