DeMeco Ryans

What can teams expect from DeMeco Ryans as their head coach

DeMeco Ryans has just two seasons under his belt as the San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator.

But they’ve both been impressive ones, seeing the 38-year-old guide the defense into continued dominance after taking the reigns from Robert Saleh in 2021.

Ryans was already getting head coach inquiries last season — and the growing number of interview requests this month make it seem to be a near lock to be a head coach in 2023.

What can teams expect from Ryans?

A steady locker room voice who teaches his players to play fast and smart.

“The game of football is fun. I want guys having fun out there, flying around and most importantly, our guys have to be confident. And you’re confident when the energy is high. Everybody’s smiling, everybody’s having fun, Ryans told media this fall.

When that happens, good things follow.

“If we’re making plays right, that enthusiasm is going to be high, the energy is going to be high and that’s when turnovers happen.

That’s when big hits happen, that’s when big plays start to happen when everybody is just bought in and playing for each other, Ryans said.

Here’s one review of how Ryans is pulling it off.