Las Vegas Raiders

Vegas needs to add weapons at wide receiver for Raiders next QB

Raiders next QB

Regardless of whoever becomes the next Las Vegas Raiders quarterback, the team has a glaring need to find him weapons.

 All-pro receiver Davante Adams had a record breaking season in 2022. For much of the season though, he was the only viable option at receiver.

Adams had 43 more receptions and almost 1000 yards more than the Raiders 2nd-leading receiver Mack Hollins. Both Hunter Renfrow and Tight-End Darren Waller had injury plagued seasons. Hollins is due to hit free-agency and the Raiders may look to move on from Renfrow. The Raiders should look to find a valuable slot receiver in either the upcoming draft or in free-agency.

Both wide receivers D.J. Clark and Sterling Shepard are due to hit free-agency and if healthy could add a reliable number 2 for the Raiders outside of Adams.

Will the Raiders draft Parker Washington – PSU

Parker Washington from Penn State is available in the NFL draft and could be a steal in the 2nd or 3rd Rounds for Las Vegas this year as well.

Adams will have input on Raiders next QB

 Adams has stated he wants to have an input in who the Raiders next quarterback will be. I’m sure he will also want input in who is lining up opposite him or right next to him for 2023.