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The cost to franchise tag NFL stars is going up in 2023. (See positional list)

NFL Franchise tag numbers

Franchise tag numbers are going up again in 2023.   And for quarterbacks, the one-year salary will jump by $3 million – from more than $29 million to $32.4 million.

Receivers saw a smaller increase – less than $1.5 million, while tight ends’ salaries will increase by more than $1 million.  That brings them above the running back position.

Lamar Jackson, Orlando Brown and Jordan Poyer are all possible tag candidates in 2023.  

QB: $32,416,000

RB: $10,091,000

WR: $19,743,000

TE: $11,345,000

OL: $18,244,000

DE: $19,727,000

DT: $18,937,000

LB: $20,926,000

CB: $18,140,000

S: $14,460,000

K/P: $5,393,000