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Super Bowl Odds Update: Team Standings With NFL Training Camp underway

In 2020, the National Football League (NFL) generated $12.2 billion in revenue, mainly from ticket sales, sponsorships, concessions, and media. The 2021 Super Bowl alone generated $485 million in advertising revenue. 

Furthermore, the average NFL attendance per game is 66,151, indicating the game’s immense popularity in the United States. 

With NFL teams training for the upcoming season and Super Bowl 57 just around the corner, bookies have posted the betting odds on which teams will likely win the next NFL championship. 

What do the Super Bowl futures odds for the 2022-2023 football season look like? Which teams are likely the season’s favorites? Which ones will be the more favorable underdogs? 

This article shows the NFL teams’ chances of winning the next Super Bowl based on odds posted before the regular season starts. Readers will also get a preview of which teams will likely be the next season’s favorites and underdogs. 

Super Bowl Futures Odds 

As the next football season draws near, various sportsbooks continue their preparations with the preseason bets underway. Bettors eager to place their stakes on their chosen teams early can look at the Super Bowl 57 futures odds. 

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Here’s a lineup of the football teams and their odds to win the Super Bowl for the NFL 2022-2023 season: 

Super Bowl 57 Futures Odds to Win 
Team Odds 
Buffalo Bills +600 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +700 
Green Bay Packers +1000 
Kansas City Chiefs +1000 
Los Angeles Rams +1200 
Los Angeles Chargers +1400 
Denver Broncos +1600 
San Francisco 49ers +1600 
Dallas Cowboys +2000 
Baltimore Ravens +2000 
Cincinnati Bengals +2200 
Philadelphia Eagles +2200 

What Are Futures Odds? 

If you can’t wait for the regular season to start, one option for you to bet as early as the preseason is through futures odds. 

Bookies typically post futures in list form. This list shows the different teams and their corresponding odds from the lowest (favorites) to the highest (underdogs), ranking them from which team has the best chances to win to the worst. 

As shown on the table above, the Super Bowl 57 futures have the Bills as the favorite team with +600 odds to win. This figure means that for every $100 you bet, you stand to earn $600 if the team wins the Super Bowl. 

Alternatively, you can bet on the underdogs, teams with a lower chance to win but with a higher potential profit. For instance, if you bet $100 on the 49ers and they win, you can receive $1,600. 

One thing to remember is that, as the date of the specific tournament approaches (in this case, Super Bowl 57), futures odds can change. Be sure to plan your bets appropriately so you don’t miss out on the potential profit. 

Top Bets of the Season 

If you’re one of the bettors who prefer to pick a team with a high winning chance, consider the following teams to bet on as crowd favorites. 

Buffalo Bills 

The Bills earned 11 wins and six losses in the 2021 NFL season, placing first in the American Football Conference – East Division (AFC East). 

The team managed to play during the postseason and won 47-17 against the New England Patriots during the AFC wild card. However, the Bills lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 36-42 in the divisional playoffs. 

The Bills’ leading players for this season include quarterback (QB) Josh Allen with 4,407 passing yards, running back (RB) Devin Singletary with an 870 rushing yardage and wide receiver (WR) Stefon Diggs with 1,225 receiving yards. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

The Bucs placed first in the National Football Conference – South Division (NFC South) with 13 wins and four losses in the 2021 season. 

The team qualified for the 2021 playoffs and won against the Philadelphia Eagles 31-15 in the NFC wild card. The Bucs lost 27-30 to the LA Rams in the divisional playoffs and could not play in a second straight Super Bowl. 

The Bucs’ lineup comprises QB Tom Brady with a 5,316 passing yard record, RB Leonard Fournette with 812 rushing yards, and WR Chris Godwin with a 1,103 receiving yardage. 

Long-Shot Bets to Look Out for 

You might be an experienced or more aggressive bettor who likes to take riskier bets for higher rewards. In this case, consider betting on the following underdogs that might still provide you a good run for your money. 

Green Bay Packers 

The Packers may appear one of the underdogs for this season’s Super Bowl futures. However, they’re among the top NFL teams in 2021, placing first in the NFC North with a 13-4 record. 

Qualifying for the previous postseason in January 2022, the Packers lost 10-13 against the 49ers in the divisional playoffs. 

Despite this loss, bettors must still keep on their toes for formidable players, such as QB Aaron Rodgers and RB AJ Dillon, who might still turn the tide and make an upset against the top futures bets. 

Kansas City Chiefs 

The Chiefs held a 12-5 record in the 2021 NFL season, placing first in the AFC West and qualifying for the postseason to have a shot at the Super Bowl championships. 

The team won 42-21 against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC wild card and bested the Bills 42-36 in the divisional playoff game. 

However, the Chiefs failed to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC championship game, falling short 24-27 and losing the chance to play in the Super Bowl. 

The Chiefs’ top players to look out for are QB Patrick Mahomes, RB Darrell Williams, and TE Travis Kelce. 


Sports betting should be a fun way to show your support for your favorite teams while enjoying a rewarding profit should your chosen team wins. 

Always bet responsibly, and if you think you’re developing a gambling problem, call 1-800-522-4700 and seek help. 


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