Nick Chubb

In a violent era of clashes between fans, reaction to rival’s injury at Steelers-Browns matchup a classy reminder “It’s only a game.”

Sometimes what occurs in the game can transcend a rivalry.  On Monday night as the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing the Cleveland Browns,…

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Patrick Mahomes

Comparing the First Week of the NFL 2023/24 Season to the 2022/23 Season

The long wait is finally over and week one of the 2023/24 season is now in the record books. Ahead of the campaign, teams had been preparing …

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Aaron Rodgers

Achilles “heal.”  An NFL star already laid the blueprint for Aaron Rodgers to return for the 2023 playoffs.   Yes, really.

New York Jets QB, Aaron Rodgers, said he has a rehab plan in place that will shock some people. Could an NFL player be back on a field in …

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Kyle Hamilton

From College Football to the Pros: Universities with the Most Draft Picks

Playing football in college is a big deal. Many talented players hope to go from college to the NFL, where they can join the biggest stars in the…

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NCAA Championship

The Most Popular College Sports in the US

Why are college sports in the US unlike anything in the world? The fascination with college sports in the US is steeped in tradition, …

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Art Powell

Art Powell’s long road toward Canton included a historic boycott

Long before Colin Kaepernick and Davante Adams took memorable stands against discrimination, there was Art Powell. And today, the former NFL …

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