Murder tools and “Momma” jokes.  Some of the combine’s craziest questions. 

Murder tools.

Sexual preference.

And stuff you can do with a brick.

While annual the NFL combine is a chance to see how some of the college game’s top talent measures up, it’s the questions outside the lines that have often left lasting impressions with today’s NFL players.

And by lasting, we’re talking awkward, personal and sometimes downright creepy.

Take Eagles Cornerback Jalen Mills‘ experience, for instance.

“One question was like, if you wanted to kill a guy, would you kill him with a gun or a knife,” Mills told CBS Sports in 2016.

The quick corner had a quick reaction.

“if you choose the knife, now you’re killing for fun because you have to continuously stab someone but a gun is quick,” he responded.

Fair enough.

Former player Austin Lane was asked if he found his mother attractive.

Lane has often poked fun at the entire process, sharing memes that have gone viral in recent years.

Texans Defensive end Chris Smith was apparently asked about laying something altogether different: bricks

"The Cleveland Browns asked me 'How many different ways could (you) use a brick in a minute?," he told an NBC affiliate in 2016.

You want personal?

Corner Kris Boyd was asked if he has both of his testicles.

But apparently there's a line you still cannot cross.

Just ask Dez Bryant – about his Momma.

Then-Miami Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland had to apologize to the future star receiver after he asked him if his mother was a prostitute during a back-and-forth about his family.

Bryant's mother struggled with addiction during his childhood but overcame the struggle by the time he was a sought-after prospect.

"I got mad – really mad – but I didn't show it," Bryant told ESPN at the time. (will send link)

In his first game against the Dolphins in 2011, Bryant would score a game-winning touchdown to lift the Cowboys over the Dolphins.

Here's guessing he had a little extra motivation in the 20-19 win.