Jordan Travis

Mirror image: Tyrod Taylor overcame the obstacles that face Jordan Travis today

By Josh Clark

A 6’1″ alpha-athlete with a knack for evading pressure but a habit of sloppy footwork in the pocket.

An above average arm.

A day three pick.

That isn’t just Jordan Travis’ scouting report, it’s also the guy he’ll likely be spending most of the summer learning from: Tyrod Taylor.

In adding Travis over the weekend, the New York Jets have also paired him with a mentor whose game was almost a mirror image in 2011.

Tyrod Taylor was drafted in the 6th round by the Baltimore Ravens. (Current Jets GM Joe Douglas was a Ravens scout at the time)

Travis’ fortunes were a little better on draft day.

He was selected in the fifth round.

Like Taylor before him, Travis appears to be in position to have a redshirt-style rookie season. He’s slated to be the team’s third quarterback behind Aaron Rodgers and Taylor.

Team officials have already been outspoken about giving the rookie time to develop his game. Pro Football Network analyst Ian Cummings said that should bode well for Travis.

He’s shown he has the right make-up to adapt and learn, Cummings said.

“Through his experience, Travis has shown persistence through adversity, that he can be coached, and has an upward developmental track. That coachability and upward trajectory won’t be lost on coaches and evaluators,” he wrote in Travis’ draft profile.

Taylor was once a draft day afterthought too.

But he’s managed to work his way to a Pro Bowl and start for five NFL teams during his once-improbable 14 year career.

And Travis put up better numbers — and completion percentage — during his years as a college starter.

If the Jets can get the same return from Travis, their 5th round investment will look like a bargain in the years ahead.

Tyrod Taylor’s statistics at Virginia Tech (2008-2010)

Jordan Travis’ statistics (2021-2023)