Bills offense

Lessons learned from the Bills midseason moves on offense

Odds are that Ken Dorsey can count to 11. Yesterday the Buffalo Bills fired offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey as the team has started the season at 5-5. 

Although the Bills offense has struggled, Dorsey may be a scapegoat for a team that was a favorite to advance to the Super Bowl.

On Monday night, Buffalo lost to the Denver Broncos 24-22. 

The Bills offense turned over 4 times and the defense and special teams collapsed at the end. 

After a pass interference penalty and Denver attempted a field goal to win. 

They missed but then got a second chance after the Bills had 12 men of the field. The second chance field goal was good and Denver completed the upset.

“There’s been times when we have moved the ball and scored points, but those times, I believe, have become few and far between,” said head coach Sean McDermott.” 

More so than it seems Buffalo is looking for scapegoat for their problems.  

Josh Allen has 14 turnovers this season, which leads the league. 

His habit of forcing the ball into coverage has put Buffalo in concerning situations. 

The Bills have also many injuries, but its Week 10, every team is dealing with injuries. 

Kolton Miller was out for Las Vegas on Sunday night and the Raiders overcame it beating the Jets. 

Josh Dobbs has a replaced an injured Kirk Cousins at quarterback winning two in a row for the Vikings.

For new offensive coordinator Joe Brady, he needs to find a way to keep Allen in check and utilize stronger weapons than just Stefon Diggs. 

 One of Dorsey’s biggest mistakes may have been have trying to run the offense through Diggs. 

Regardless of Diggs attitude they have other playmakers that could take pressure off of Allen. Running back, James Cook has a ProFootball Focus (PFF) grade of 75.0 and is averaging 5.1 yards per carry. Wide Receiver has a grade of 75.6 despite only 19 catches this season.

Many NFL analysts predicted the Bills would be a Super Bowl team ever since they lost in the Divisional Round to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2021. 

However, if they don’t clean up the costly mistakes they wont make the playoffs this year let alone the Super Bowl.