JC Jackson

Latest on JC Jackson’s injury

The Los Angeles Chargers premiere free agent addition, JC Jackson, hasn’t been on the field since Wednesday – and the team is tight-lipped on why.

The LA Times confirmed Jackson is dealing with an undisclosed injury.

At this point in the preseason, teams aren’t obligated to detail injuries.

But they often do, with the lack of information putting Chargers fans on edge.

The team is expected to have a weekly press conference Wednesday, which will give media a chance to ask about Jackson’s status.

It’s fair to wonder:  Is the injury serious? Are the Chargers trying to keep the injury low-key while they search for a 11th hour replacement to fill one of their starter slots?

Teams are required to reduce their rosters to 80 players by 4 p.m. Tuesday, meaning experienced players will shake free on in free agency and the trade market.

Another unanswered question:  If Jackson is injured, when — and where — did it happen.

There’s been no sign of the star cornerback dealing with an ailment on the field.

Jackson too has been silent on the matter.

His Instagram page, with 160,000 followers, had all of his posts cleared Tuesday.