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Latest on Deshaun Watson suspension

Update as of 9:30am EST:

If a 6-game ban for Deshaun Watson stands, the Cleveland Browns would be without their signal caller for just one AFC North divisional matchup.

The Browns schedule includes one battle with the Pittsburgh Steelers through weeks 1-6.

The next game is (Oct 23) Week 7 — against the Raven’s and would feature Watson making his first appearance.

The full list of games Watson would miss: Panthers, Jets, Steelers, Falcons, Chargers, and Patriots.

Update as of 8:23am EST: Adam Schefter is reporting Watson will be suspended for 6 games. The NFL will have 3 days to decide to appeal Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension.

After nearly a year of questions, Deshaun Watson will likely learn today whether he’ll be suspended for part – or more – of the 2022 season.

Multiple outlets, including the Cleveland Plain-Dealer and ESPN’s Josina Anderson reported an arbitration judge will render her decision Monday.

The NFL is pushing for an indefinite suspension while multiple civil cases – allegations of misconduct — continue to linger over the Pro Bowl quarterbacks head.

The NFL Players Association is asking the judge Sue Robinson, to impose no suspension.

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