Carl Lawson

Jets’ Williams ‘excited’ to have Carl Lawson back

Quinnen Williams has seen the splashy Twitter videos.

And he knows what a healthy Carl Lawson means to the New York Jets.

So while he hasn’t seen his fellow defensive lineman on the field, he’s optimistic he’ll be seeing Lawson making big plays again soon.

“He’s a freak. He’s an animal, bro,” Williams told media Tuesday. “We’re so excited to see (him) back.”

Lawson was activated from the PUP list Tuesday, 11 months after tearing his Achilles.

“He’s explosive, fast … a great asset for us,” Williams said.

Akin, he said, to getting the band back together.

“Having him line up next to me, it’s going to be spectacular.”

Williams has high hopes for the defensive line in 2022.

But potential means nothing once games begin, he added.

“Today is day one. We’ve got a long way to go… 

But if each of us is at 100 percent at our craft, (our) work ethic and conditioning, can’t no one stop us.”