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Jets and Raiders are still asking too much from their quarterbacks

There is only one Patrick Mahomes.  

That is not a controversial comment.  

Mahomes has two MVP awards, five Pro Bowl appearances and been to three Super Bowls, winning two. 

He is the best quarterback in the NFL and times seems to be able to do it all himself.  

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Many NFL teams coaches seem try to emulate that.  However, not every quarterback is built for such an overall performance and this past week 2 quarterbacks struggled under that pressure.

One is Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.  

Las Vegas lost 38-10 to the Buffalo Bills and the Raiders put too much of the game on Garoppolo’s hands.  

Buffalo neutralized Josh Jacobs and after getting behind the Raiders turned to Garoppolo who become less efficient as the game wore on.  He was sacked twice and threw two  costly interceptions.  

Losing Jakobi Meyers to a concussion last week hurt the Raiders passing options but they could’ve turned to depth at the running back.

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If Jacobs is struggling the Raiders do have the some depth at running back that needs to be utilized.  Zamir White averaged 8 yards a carry in limited action and rookie Trey Tucker had a 34 yard end around which led to Vegas’ lone touchdown. 

Utilizing these pieces will help take pressure off of Garoppolo.

Another example of pressure on a quarterback is in New York were the New York Jets seem to be putting too much on Zach Wilson’s shoulders.  

The Jets are loaded.  

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But the injury to Aaron Rodgers should force them to change their game plan.  They won a week ago due a strong running attack and defense, however in a loss to Dallas, the Jets seemed to force Zach Wilson to drop back more often than needed.  Wilson was pressured 69% of the time and threw three interceptions. 

Simplifying the playbook and utilizing Breece Hall may be the only way for the Jets to salvage this season with Wilson at the helm.

Some Raiders fan are already calling for rookie Aidan O’Connell to start and some Jets fans are counting down to 2024 with Rodgers. 

If both teams want to remain competitive for 2023, they need to utilize surrounding pieces and reduce the pressure on  their quarterbacks.