Here’s the list of miles NFL teams will travel this year

Five NFL teams will travel enough miles to circle the entire globe this year.

Meanwhile, one team will travel little more than the two drives from Los Angeles and Boston.

With matchups decided largely by the divisions teams are set to fave each year, the NFL schedules mileage disparity between teams is typically vast.

But at 29,446, the Seattle Seahawks’ total is the most by any team since 2019.

Full list of road miles for the 2022 season

That’s partly because the team is traveling to Germany to face the Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Denver Broncos are second on the list with 27,398 followed by the Jaguars with 25,534.

On the bottom: The Steelers, who are among the team’s with the shortest distance travelled for the second year in a row.

The Steelers travel just over 6,400 miles.

They won’t even leave their time zone.

The Detroit Lions sit as the second mileage-friendliest team with 8,348 miles, while Baltimore is just above them.

The average team has a road schedule of approximately 17,000 miles.

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