Giant fan posts bounty after low hit on Thibodeaux

Star prospect Keyvon Thibodeaux appeared to be OK after a scary block took him Sunday night.

The 2022 fifth overall pick was the victim of a cut block in the second quarter while rushing into the Cincinnati Bengals’ backfield.

Thibodeuax rolled to his side and almost immediately grabbed for his knee.

A cart was brought onto the field for the defensive end but he exited on his own power and went into the Giants’ medical tent before returning in better spirits.

While the team said he would not return for the game, he was spotted smiling and sharing stories with teammates on the sidelines.

Giants fans, meanwhile, weren’t nearly as happy, with at least one fan (jokingly?) Putting up a bounty for the Bengals tight end who laid the low hit.

Another fan took a bit more of a doomsday approach.