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Does anyone hang with Mahomes? AFC quarterbacks ranked by tiers

As the summer kicks off, NFL mini camps and training camps are right around the corner. Many teams have their starting quarterback, some think they have their starter and some have a quarterback battle brewing. 

 Here a list of the starting AFC quarterback rankings entering 2024. 

 The question is how do the quarterbacks in the AFC East stack up? 

A League of His Own – Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs: 3 Super Bowl Titles, 3 Super Bowl MVPS and 219 career touchdowns, the only quarterback who should be in the same sentence as Mahomes is Tom Brady and the question is who is the greatest?

2nd Tier –Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals: Burrow if healthy is the only quarterback to beat Mahomes in the Postseason

Franchise quarterbacks – Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills; Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens; CJ Stroud, Houston Texans, Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers; Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars; A great slew of franchise quarterbacks who don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Allen and Jackson have both failed when it matters most.

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Possible franchise quarterbacks – Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis Colts; Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins; Will Levis, Tennessee Titans; All have took steps forward in 2023. All still have big seasons coming up. If they play well in 2024 they should be with their respective teams for a while. 

Questionable Veterans or Bridges – Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns; Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets; Russell Wilson, Pittsburgh Steelers; All have question marks despite being in the league for several years. Rodgers should be back to form if healthy. Watson may no longer be a starter if he doesn’t rise above expectations.

Teams with Quarterback Battles or Rookies: Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders, New England Patriots: The Broncos and Patriots have quarterback battles with both drafting quarterbacks in the 1st round. Las Vegas is picking between journeyman Gardner Minshew and 2nd year quarterback, Aidan O’Connell.

The only quarterback in the NFL that has won a Super Bowl outside of Mahomes is Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford. For the quarterbacks in the AFC and AFC East, all will have to go through Mahomes and the Chiefs for the next decade if they wish to win the Lombardi.

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