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Does Aaron Rodgers’ injury nullify Jets 2024 pick to Packers? ‘Best-case” rehab scenario and other Questions answered

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It appears Aaron Rodgers’ stunning opening night injury will end any thoughts the Green Bay Packers will get another first round pick from New York.

But does that mean the Jets won’t have to send their second rounder?

It’s highly unlikely.

According to details released from the framework of the trade, the rest of the Jets-Packers compensation hinged solely on Rodgers being on the team entering the season and whether or not he plays 65 percent of the snaps.

If not, it’s a second rounder.

If so, it’s a first.

Rodgers fell to the ground during a pressure on the fourth snap of the game and is likely headed to IR with an Achilles tear, Head Coach Robert Saleh said.

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How long will it take to recover? 

While a tear isn’t quite as serious of a factor for a Quarterback as it is a linebacker or receiver who must be explosive off the ball, an Achilles tear is a major injury with a year-long recovery window for any player – let alone a 39-year-old quarterback – to face.

The typical timetable is 10 to 12 months.

However, new technology called internal bracing has been used by some players, including Cam Akers in 2022, to rehab faster and return to the field in 6 months.  That doesn’t necessarily mean Rodgers’ injury is the same degree as Akers or that he’d necessarily be able to undergo the same procedure.

Jets Edge Rusher Carl Lawson suffered an Achilles tear late in the preseason in 2021 and returned the following season, on limited snaps at first. 

The injury doesn’t just put the Jets draft stock in doubt but also the question of whether Rodgers will ever play on the field as a New York Jet. 

Time will tell.

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