matt corral

Corral “a battler” and will be back, Rhule says

The Carolina Panthers’ plans to develop Matt Corral as their potential future starter took a big hit over the weekend.

A foot injury is expected to sideline Corral for the season, Matt Rhule announced.

“I hate it for him. I hate it any time one of our guys is hurt,” Rhule told media. “And I thought he was playing well too. I left him in that situation backed up, because I wanted him to have that, hey here’s the crowd, here’s the noise.”

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“But I thought I saw a lot of really nice signs early in the game. Found some guys that were open, and did some good things.

The night ended with Corral in a walking boot and the first in the 2022 QB class to see their season come to an end.

Without Corral, longtime Rhule favorite P.J. Walker may have locked in a position on the roster.

Baker Mayfield named starting QB

With Baker Mayfield looking like the No. 1 (although not yet official), it remains to be seen if fellow 2018 pick Sam Darnold will serve as his backup.

Rhule said he’s confident Corral can emerge even better prepared for the job in 2023.

“I know Matt’s a battler, so this year of development, he’s going to have to grind, both taking care of his foot and all the things he needs to do as a quarterback. Hopefully some day, he’ll look back and say it was a blessing, but I hate it for him right now.”

Corral’s injury is the third in the past year to his feet or ankles — although the previous two were on his right side.

Corral suffered a lisc franc ligament injury to his left foot over the weekend, the Panthers reported.