Aaron Rodgers

BREAKING: Aaron Rodgers expected to return another year

Aaron Rodgers trade?

Aaron Rodgers will return in 2023. 

The question is where will he suit up?

The All-Pro quarterback is talking to NFL teams, including the New York Jets and – presumably the Packers.

Trey Wingo first reported news that Rodgers spoke with the Jets on Monday – a one paragraph update that answers several questions about his future.

1. Rodgers doesn’t plan to retire.

2. He’s agreeable to play for New York.

3. The Packers aren’t stopping him from speaking with other clubs, which means they aren’t opposed to shipping him off.

The second and third points can’t be understated, because it signals that there’s really only one thing in the way of a trade between the Jets and Packers – and Rodgers moving elsewhere.


Of course, the devil is in the details. 

The Packers don’t want to give Rodgers away and he has a hefty $58 million balloon payment due in 2023.  This is where the sides are likely going to haggle.

Rodgers’ level of desire to leave Green Bay will be telling here. 

If he’s just as fine staying at Lambeau, he won’t do much to help the club move him.

If he does, the Jets may be able to bring in the future Hall of Famer – and Packers could send him off simultaneously – without breaking the bank.

Buckle up, folks. 

Things could move quickly today.