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Becker’s “Clutch” moments: The Top 5 Clutch Performers in NFL History and in the NFL Today

It was the 62nd minute. 

The US Women’s Soccer Team was down 1-0 to the Netherlands at the World Cup on Wednesday. 

They needed someone to come through in the clutch. 

Captain Lindsey Horan got mad after a hard foul and managed to get her head on a corner kick, beating the Dutch keeper to tie the score. The game finished 1-1 with the US holding a strong chance to advance into the knockout stage.

Horan throughout her career has come through in the clutch for the US. She scored deciding goals in the 2019 World Cup and 2020 She Believes Cup. She also scored an important goal in the US’s opening match against Vietnam on Friday night. The NFL has had many clutch performers in their history. Here is a list of the Top 5 Clutch Performers in NFL history and 5 playing in the NFL today.


5. QB Ken Stabler (Raiders, Oilers, Saints)

The Sea of Hands, the Ghost to the Post, and the Holy Roller are all courtesy of the Snake; he had five 4th Quarter Comebacks in 1976 leading the Raiders to their first Super Bowl Title.

4. S Troy Polamalu (Steelers)

The 2010 NFL Defensive Player of the Year made several clutch tackles, sacks and interceptions to seal victories in Pittsburgh. He recording a pick 6 off of a Joe Flacco pass to the seal the 2008 AFC Championship

3. RB Emmitt Smith (Cowboys, Cardinals)

He averaged 4.5 yards per carry in the postseason. Winning 3 Super Bowl Titles in the 90s. Smith rushed for 168 yards to clinch another NFC East title against the Giants in 1994 with a dislocated shoulder

2. QB Tom Brady (Patriots, Buccaneers)

Winner of 7 Super Bowls. Every opposing team always held their breath with the score was tied or the Patriots or Buccaneers were down by 4 with under 2 minutes

1. QB Joe Montana (49ers, Chiefs)

4 Super Bowl Titles, and thirty four 4th Quarterback Comebacks. Led the Chiefs to comeback win in the Wild Card Round of the 1993 playoffs over the Steelers and led the 49ers on a 92 yard touchdown drive wining Super Bowl XXIII


5. TE Travis Kelce (Chiefs)

Arguably the greatest TE ever and he is only 33. Has caught 133 passes and 16 touchdowns in the postseason for Kansas City. Caught both the game tying reception and game winning touchdown against the Bills in the 2021 Divisional Round

4. K Justin Tucker (Ravens)

90.5 % of all kicks made in his career. Tucker has 19 game winning field goals and holds the NFL recorder for the longest ever. In 2021 he kicked an NFL record 66-yard game winning field goal against the Lions

3. QB Jalen Hurts (Eagles)

62.3 Completion percentage in his career. Hurts has 4 game winning drives at the start of his career and an NFC title

2. DT Aaron Donald (Rams)

Three time defensive player of the year. Donald has 43 sacks when the margin of victory is under 7 and had 2 sacks in the Rams Super Bowl Title in 2021

1. QB Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs)

5 years, 3 Super Bowl berths, 2 Super Bowl titles. He holds the record for career playoff passer rating at 107.4. He has sixteen 4th quarter comebacks. Those include 2 in the Super Bowl

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