allegiant stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Becker shares first impressions of Allegiant Stadium

I have been a Raiders fan as long as I can remember.  I have seen them play in Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay.  I’ve seen them in the preseason, in the playoffs, get blown out and win close. 

Up until a few weeks ago though, I had not seen them at home.  

As Las Vegas was going through a change at head coach and general manager, my wife, a few friends and I attended a game at Allegiant Stadium. 

Dan Becker

The stadium is everything that is advertised and amazing inside and out.

The show that Vegas puts on is even more remarkable.  Before the game, they chose to light the torch in memory of Al Davis.  During the game they have an in-house jazz rock band which fit into to the Vegas vibe.  

It was truly a dream come true to see a home game and although the NY Giants fans traveled well, being around so many Raiders fans was an exhilarating experience.  

More importantly I witnessed the Raiders possibly turn a corner defeating the Giants 30-6.  Although I didn’t smoke a cigar like the team afterwards, it was an experience and high I will not forget.

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