Chandler Jones

Becker: Raiders’ Week 15 finish worthy of ‘immaculate’ nickname

The history of the Las Vegas Raiders is filled with famous names with games.

The Holy Roller, Bo vs Boz and the Tuck Rule Game, just to name a few, are all apart of NFL Lore.

It probably isn’t a coincidence a week before the 50th Anniversary of Immaculate Reception and on the first night of Hanukkah another miracle game seems to about to be added the lore. 

Yesterday versus the New England Patriots, with the game tied, Chandler Jones intercepted a failed lateral from receiver Jakobi Meyers to quarterback Mac Jones. 

Jones proceeded to stiff arm the New England quarterback to the ground and run it back for a touchdown with no time left. 

The Raiders won 30-24.

Chandler Jones, a former Super Bowl champion with New England, said of the play, “Mac was kind of standing there, looking at me with big eyes. I literally just jumped up and intercepted it. I just gave Mac a nice stiff arm with my right hand. The rest was history.” 

The Raiders improved to 6-8 while the Patriots fell to 7-7.  

The biggest question remains, is what nickname this unbelievable game will have as added part of Raiders history and NFL Lore.