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Becker: Josh Allen’s aerial efforts a head-scratcher

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Josh Allen played a near flawless game against the Las Vegas Raiders. He had an 84% completion percentage and threw 3 touchdowns as the Buffalo Bills dominated Vegas 38-10.  

Despite the performance, Allen attempted one play which still has Bills fan scratching their heads.   

On 2nd and goal in the second quarter, with the Bills up 14-10, Allen ran a draw play. On the 3 yard line Allen attempted to leap in the air toward the goal line. He was met by Raiders safety and former Wyoming teammate, Marcus Epps.  

Epps slammed Allen to the ground short of the goal line.  

The Bills did score on fourth down two plays later. However, Allen’s tenacity to take reckless chances such as leaping could’ve led to a turnover.  

A week ago, Allen accounted for 4 turnovers in a Bills loss.

During the loss against the New York Jets, Allen also attempted to go airborne on third down well short of the first down. He was once again nailed by defenders. 

Allen has a history of going airborne and the play may make the highlight real each time he does it. What won the day against Vegas was opening up the game with short throws to multiple wide receivers. If he continues this and chooses to keep his feet on the ground, Buffalo can beat anyone on any given Sunday. 

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