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Achilles “heal.”  An NFL star already laid the blueprint for Aaron Rodgers to return for the 2023 playoffs.   Yes, really.

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New York Jets QB, Aaron Rodgers, said he has a rehab plan in place that will shock some people.

Could an NFL player be back on a field in just four months — in time for the playoffs?

Turns out, it’s already been done.

Two years ago, Cam Akers had his ruptured Achilles repaired by the same southern California doctor.

Akers had a much more ambitious task to reach. 

Not just recovering from the injury but getting back to the peak running, cutting, jumping and stopping on-a-dime level expected of a running back.

The type of sideline to sideline stuff that wears tailbacks down far quicker than field generals like Rodgers.

Yet, Akers was cleared to play a little over 5  months after he was sidelined by the injury.

Sure, he was roughly 15 years younger — and Rodgers’ age presents the possibility that setbacks could easily occur on his grueling road to recovery.

But it leaves the door open that Rodgers could — just could – see the field again if the Jets can make a playoff push.

Seem crazy?

Look at this video of Akers three months after his Achilles tear.

Would Aaron Rodgers have to be much more ready than this to get back on the field?   At face value, it seems possible.

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But how did Akers do it? 

Dr. Neal Elattrache’s recovery plan calls for an ultra-quick surgery, while the Achilles itself is still at its proper length.  It enables almost immediate rehab to prevent strength and existing muscle to deteriorate too quickly.

ELattrache’s method is called “internal bracing” which adds a sutured bridge brace over the top of the repaired portion of the tendon. 

That extra support helps protect and stabilize the repair site so the patient can begin physical activity much earlier in the rehab process — even as the underlying repair is still healing.

The biggest unknown is Rodgers’ age.   Even as an athlete in top shape, a 39 year-old heals slower than a peer 15 years younger.

The New York Post posted photos over the weekend of hyperbaric oxygen equipment being delivered to Rodgers’ Malibu home.

It’s not voodoo.   As the Mayo Clinic notes, the procedure helps support faster tissue healing.

It appears Rodgers is all-in on getting back on the field with the Jets.

Time will tell if his plan succeeds during the 2023 season.

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