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5 Steps to Improve Your NFL Predictions

The National Football League (NFL) recently finished its three-game visit to London in the United Kingdom. Many football fans in the US are opposed to taking regular season games overseas, away from Americans and to a European audience. But playing early-season fixtures on foreign soil is nothing new, especially to English followers. It’s a great way to ensure the NFL’s steady growth, attracting millions of new fans. 

Football fans in the UK may not fly across the Atlantic every week for a fixture, but they purchase merchandise, watch their favorite teams live on TV, and help spread the good word about American Football. European fans can join the best NFL betting sites, make predictions, and target a profit. Overseas games aren’t always popular in the US, but football fans in England love the occasion and create a party atmosphere.

We saw a great example of why organizers took the NFL show on the road earlier this month in London. The visually stunning Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is home to English Premier League soccer team Tottenham and often stages Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury’s fights. And UK sports fans turned out to welcome back the NFL as the Baltimore Ravens beat the Tennessee Titans in a thriller. Anyone who watched that game live on TV would see how much it meant to the locals.

Back to normality

With three games now played in London, the NFL returns to the United States, where it remains for the rest of the season. There’s a more settled feeling as fans, coaches, players, and pundits prepare for a frantic end to 2023 and the regular season. Results in the coming weeks will decide which teams will progress to playoff football in the early weeks of the new year. Some teams have performed better than others, but there’s still all to play for in the remainder of the regular season.

The NFL season prepares to move through the gears as it gathers speed, and fans must be ready. Which team do you expect to win the Super Bowl? Most followers have enough form to work off, making well-researched and educated predictions. You can use your NFL experience to call the winner of tonight’s live game or predict which teams will make it to the playoffs. Perhaps you’re confident of the Super Bowl champion.

Football fans love to make predictions. Some do it just for fun, predicting the winner of the Super Bowl many months in advance. The earlier you predict the champion, the more respect you’ll receive if your pick meets expectations. Others play fantasy football against friends, family, and fellow fans, while many take advantage of the relaxed gambling laws. NFL lovers can now predict the result, gamble, and target a profit. 

Whether playing for fun, going against friends in fantasy football, or targeting a big win by betting on the NFL, you want to give the best predictions possible. But calling the outcome of an NFL game or season is no mean feat. How do you ensure more winning picks than losers? Follow the five steps below to improve your NFL predictions.

Joe Burrow
CINCINNATI, OHIO – OCTOBER 15: Joe Burrow #9 of the Cincinnati Bengals calls signals during the game against the Seattle Seahawks at Paycor Stadium on October 15, 2023 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Check head-to-head

Research is key to predicting the result of an NFL game. The more you know about the two teams and players, the greater your chance of bagging a winner. Your first stop should be to check the head-to-head stats. How often have the two teams met, and which side holds the lion’s share of wins? Look at the most recent games; is there a trend in the results? 

You can look for a pattern of one team winning or go beyond that and check the scores. Have past meetings been nervy or high-scoring affairs? Predict the winner, first touchdown scorer, total points, handicap, and more using the head-to-head.

Study recent form

Now, let’s move on to the recent form. Does it support your original prediction from the head-to-head stats, or is there something better in the form? 

Suppose the H2H provided a team to win, and you check their recent form. If they have been performing well, winning games, and scoring plenty, you know you’re on the right path. If they’ve been out of form, losing, and playing badly, you know to avoid backing them for victory and would be better playing the specials, including points and totals.

Learn of injuries

When making predictions on the NFL, you must be up to speed on the latest injury news. If a team is well ahead of the H2H figures and showing great recent form, you’re onto a strong prediction. But wait. What if the star player was stretchered off in the previous game and now misses out through injury?

That would throw a spanner in the works, and you must decide if the player’s absence will affect the rest of the team and the result. Perhaps it’s the opposition missing a star player, and you now fancy your pick strongly. Teams can also suffer from illness in the camp, which could wipe out many of their strongest players. Always check the latest injury news before predicting the result.

Listen to interviews

You can do all the research possible, but there’s nothing like getting information straight from the horse’s mouth. Listen to interviews from coaches, players, pundits, and the media. The more you listen and watch, the more clues you’ll gather and the better researched your prediction.

What are the coaches giving away in their pre-match interviews? Are they confident and bullish, ready to go on the attack? They may seem reserved and fearful of the opposition. You can tell a lot from the interviews, but some coaches like to remain poker-faced, giving nothing away. The more you watch their interviews before each game, the more you’ll learn to spot signs of nervousness and doubt. Following interviews is a critical part of your preparation.

Follow the pros

Your final step before finalizing your predictions is to check the professionals. What does the betting say about the game, and which team is favorite with respected pundits? Never let the odds or opinions of others sway your feelings, but keep them in mind when making predictions.

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